He is Risen

by General Presbyter Melana Scruggs   Hoping you had a blessed celebration of the Day of Resurrection! The day that defines our hope, strength, and call and the day that […]

Women’s History and Role in the Presbyterian Church

by Luceal Curry The role of women in the Presbyterian Church has evolved over the years, reflecting broader societal changes and developments within the church itself. The ordination of women […]

February 22, 2024 Stated Meeting Highlights

Boundary Training 2024

by General Presbyter Melana Scruggs Pastors are required to have boundary training and we will be doing them in clusters again this year. Elders are also welcome to attend and […]

75 Years of OGHS

Ash Wednesday & Other News

by General Presbyter Melana Scruggs While January seemed like a long month, it does still seem like it was just Christmas and next week is Lent. We barely get time […]

SACK Lunch 2024

Elisabeth von Trapp

The presbytery was forwarded the following message about Elisabeth von Trapp’s performance opportunity.   Good Afternoon and Greetings from Vermont, My name is Elisabeth von Trapp and I am a musician.  […]

Getting Used to Different

by General Presbyter Melana Scruggs Several churches in the presbytery have been watching The Chosen, a television series produced by Dallas Jenkins, which tells the story of Jesus. In one […]

In Memory of Jeff DeYoe

From Covenant Presbyterian Church’s January 2024 issue of “Covenant Matters,” available here   Dear saints at Covenant: We knew the day would come soon, when we heard from Ruth that […]