Misión Peniel Team

The Misión Peniel Team meets in Immokalee at 10:00 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month.

2020 Members:

2020-2  Mr. Pete Rodino, Vanderbilt, Naples - Team Co-Moderator
2020-2  Ms. DeAnne Sawyer, Covenent, Ft. Myers - Team Co-Moderator
2020-1  Rev. William (Bill) Sitterley, HR, Venice
2020-2  Mr. Charles Negley, Faith, Cape Coral
2021-1  Ms. Shirley Hagerson, First, Naples
2021-2  Ms. Betty Mangos, First, Naples
2021-2  Mr. Grant Skaggs, First, Bonita Springs
2022-1  Rev. Andy Casto-Waters, Cypress Lake, Ft. Myers
2022-1  Ms. Christina Seneca, Faith, Cape Coral

Ex Officio:

Rev. Melana Scruggs, General Presbyter
Mr. Fred Chamberlain, Treasurer

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