Finance Team / Board of Trustees - 2017

The Finance Team / Board of Trustees meets at 9:30 am on the second Thursday of each month.  
2017-1  Ms. Claudia George, Pine Shores, Sarasota - Team Moderator and President of the Corporation
2017-2  Mr. Dave Marchant, Faith, Cape Coral
2017-2  Rev. Dr. Rafael (Ray) Quiles, St. Paul's, North Port
2018-1  Mr. Jamie Jameson, Buckingham, Ft. Myers - Team Vice Moderator and Vice President of the Corporation
2018-1  Rev. Dr. Norman Pritchard, Christ Church of Longboat Key
2018-2  Mr. Robert Kimbrough, First, Sarasota
2019-1  Mr. Max Gould, Vanderbilt, Naples
2019-1  Mr. Ambrose Woods, First, Port Charlotte
Ex Officio:
Mr. Alan Penick, Treasurer
Rev. Graham Hart, General Presbyter
Mr. Fred Chamberlain, Advisory

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