"We are excited about the great diversity of missions supported in our Presbytery and consider this a real blessing.  We feel this is a sign that the fruits of our labors are coming from the vine of the local church. 

Peace River Presbytery connects 37 churches within 18 cities and 5 counties in 3 clusters (north, central, south), supporting over 300 missions of which over 200 are unduplicated anywhere in the Presbytery.  Our support provides food, housing, development, education, medical, spiritual, emergency response and helps at risk youth, prisoners, farmworkers, abused individuals, individuals with disabilities and the homeless. 

Some ministries are supported by several churches because they are in the same part of the Presbytery. Other shared missions may be Presbytery-wide or related to the PCUSA.

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Celebrating Missions - Sorted by Location Served

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