The PCUSA is hosting a nationwide Easter service.

You can share the link to your own websites or facebook pages.


In the last few days parishioners in two congregations

in the Presbytery have received emails or texts

from someone who said they were their pastor.

The request was to send money or buy

gift cards to help someone in serious need.

These are not real requests.

Someone has used the pastor's name

and made it look like their account.

Do not give money or buy gifts cards

for your pastor without calling them first.

No pastor would make this request, don't get scammed! 


The link above has a lot of helpful information

for this time of crises for congregations and pastors.


The Presbytery Office is closed until April 30th.

All of the staff are working from home

and can be contacted via email or phone.

Cell numbers for Melana, Alesia, and Lori are listed on the "Contact" page.

** Mail is being picked up ... please continue to mail your contributions

and other correspondence as usual.


Please click on the above to access the Presbytery calendar.
The calendar is also available under "Events & News".

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DisasterResponseDisaster Response

Contact information for the FLAPDAN and other helpful disaster response resources.

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